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~ Sunday, October 14 ~


Actually I’m pro an amendment stating either a president has 1 six year term, or can be re-elected as many times as his/her party and the American people allow.

I think that would be terrible.

Not so much, it would be incredibly difficult in today’s climate for any president to be elected more than two terms, and I believe it would lead to more challenges within the WH party itself. As it is now, challenging the sitting POTUS for the leadership of the party is more or less a death realm. If you lose out, and then they go to lose election, your blamed.

Let’s not forget that NOTHING in the original Constitution ever mentioned limiting any office for any time. It was only by tradition that people stepped down, and the Constitution was only amended as a knee jerk reaction to FDR’s unprecedented 4 terms.

I say if the Marjory of the presidents party, and then the US, thinks the sitting POTUS deserves a third term, and they want to seek a third term it should happen. Something that I think in this day, with everything you do under 24 hour scrutiny, not many presidents could either pull off or want it for that matter.

AS for the one 1 year term, a POTUS dosnt’s have to worry as much about fundraising or with a reelection at all, and they have plenty of time to get used to the office. Rather than about a year and a half getting to know how to use your actual office to your advantage.

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